What will you do for National Civic Day? Whitby Civic Society share some thoughts.

Civic Day is a national celebration of civic pride and is taking place on June 16 2018. We believe that the future of conservation areas can be positive. We believe we can put communities in control of conservation areas. We believe we can see more communities such as The Deal Society playing a central role in long term management of their local area. But we need your help. Research by Historic England, shows that only a small majority of those surveyed who live in a Conservation Area (56%) were aware that they actually live in one. This suggests a need to raise awareness. We need you to get involved and organise activities in conservation areas. We want you to celebrate and champion conservation areas.

In this regular feature, we will include ideas that are coming in from civic societies across England each week so you can see how other groups are celebrating where they live.

Whitby Civic Society wish to commemorate Civic Day by exhibiting the work carried out to log, survey and register all the War Memorials in Whitby Parish, particularly as 2018 is 100 years since the end of the First World War. The exhibition will use storyboards to tell the story of all war memorials, the need to conserve them, as well as involving local groups in bringing some of the stories to life via playlets and song. They will also be launching a self-guided walk leaflet of all Whitby’s war memorials.

This event will also be used to promote Whitby Conservation areas and the Whitby Civic Society’s new guide for Businesses to develop new or refurbished “Shop fronts”, including the award by the Town Mayor of Certificates of Excellence to deserving businesses in the Town for 2018. A lot going on in Whitby for National Civic Day.

If you want to share what you are doing for National Civic Day 2018 on June 16, let us know here.

What will you do for National Civic Day? Whitby Civic Society share some thoughts.

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