Engaging young people in heritage: a summary of a workshop in Leeds.

We’re looking forward to seeing delegates across England in one of our future workshops focused on ‘Engaging Young People in Heritage’ Workshop. Following the workshop in Leeds last week, we thought you’d like to hear a bit more about what’s in store for you at a future session, and find out from some of those who attended what they gained from the workshop.

Delegates came to the Leeds workshop for the following principal reasons:

  • To help extend civic society activities to schools/young people.
  • To glean information about visiting schools and the resources available to help plan activities.
  • Approaches/techniques for delivering information to young people.
  • To network and find out what and how others were doing.

Carlie Silvey, War Memorials Trust’s Learning Officer, ran the workshop and shared
her wealth of first-hand experience of making initial contact with schools/youth
groups, before moving on to examples of the different types of activities that can be
carried out with young people and the resources available to plan them. Delegates
watched a series of video clips of a WMT Learning Officer in action running
sessions, and the children themselves told us what they thought about the

We also heard from Sandra Taylor from Remember the Fallen, who has worked with
a number of schools in Worcestershire. She told us about some of the activities she
had run successfully in schools, as well as those which hadn’t gone as well, and
finished with a list of her top tips for an effective visit.

There was plenty of time during the workshop for delegates to express their views,
share ideas and make new contacts.

At the end of the workshop, delegates made the following comments:
‘There was an excellent variety of talks/presentations…The networking was very

‘Thank you for a well-organised workshop with lots of useful information. I am now
looking forward to planning and carrying out a school visit.’

We look forward to seeing you at a future workshop for what promises to be a thought-
provoking and inspiring workshop. Sign up today here. 

Engaging young people in heritage: a summary of a workshop in Leeds.

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