Last Chance for funding from First World War Memorials Programme

This week’s deadline date, 30th June, for grant applications is the final opportunity for those seeking to benefit from the First World War Memorials Programme grant funding. One-off, additional money from the UK government has been supporting repair and conservation projects throughout the centenary commemorations. To date over £1.9 of the £2 million available has been allocated to support nearly 490 communities across the UK to protect and conserve their war memorials. Awards have ranged from £74 through to £132,100 helping a huge range of projects. The median grant has been around £1,500 with 85% of projects assisted having a total project cost of less than £5,000.
 Save our Memorial National Arboretum Civic V 2.8.17_43
As the additional funding concludes, War Memorials Trust will continue to accept grant applications but will only be able to make grants if funds have been raised by the charity. This is likely to mean fewer successful applications with lower levels of funding available unless they can find some more generous funders to support grants. To donate to War Memorial Trust’s fundraising for grants you can contact the charity at or 020 7834 0200.
But grants are not everything. The charity believes just as important as our grant-making activity is our role providing conservation advice and support so communities can undertake appropriate works with confidence. If you are concerned about a war memorial you can contact the charity to discuss whether works are needed. They can offer advice on what you could do yourself and what might need professional involvement. Who you might need to consult or permissions required to undertake work. they are also happy to comment on quotes/schedules of work you have received. Well-intentioned works can sometimes have unforeseen consequences particularly if the most up-to-date best conservation practice has not been consulted so do not hesitate to get in touch if you think we may be able to help.  They are busy but are responding as quickly as we can to everyone as we recognise many of you are working towards projects for 11th November.

They also have plenty of advice on their website

Last Chance for funding from First World War Memorials Programme

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