Non-statutory consultee… is this the solution for civic societies?

In addition to the statutory consultees, local planning authorities should also consider whether there are compelling reasons to engage other consultees who – whilst not designated in law – are likely to have an interest in a proposed development. These are sometimes called non-statutory consultees.

Local planning authorities are encouraged to produce and publish a locally specific list of non-statutory consultees and should engage with non-statutory consultees to identify the types of developments within the local area in which they have an interest. This means that any formal consultation can be directed appropriately and unnecessary consultation avoided.

Joan Humble, Chair of Civic Voice and Blackpool Civic Trust said: “Blackpool Civic Trust isn’t just interested in the past. As a consultee on listed and locally listed buildings, and developments affecting conservation areas, the Trust plays a real role in regeneration and helps speed up decision making. Since becoming Chair of Civic Voice, I have visited many civic societies across England and I am surprised that so many civic societies are not consulted by their local authorities. However big or small, civic societies have expertise that can enhance their local built environment. The civic movement is the most numerous participant in the planning system so we want to hear how civic societies across England are ‘formally’ engaged with their local authority.”

We are interested in hearing back from civic societies to ascertain how formal/informal the relationship is with your local council as a non-statutory consultee. Please share thoughts at

Non-statutory consultee… is this the solution for civic societies?

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