DCMS Historic England Review : Consultation deadline 9th May 2019

The Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) is conducting a tailored review of Historic England. Read more here.

This is the first review of Historic England to take place since the organisation was split into two separate, though related, bodies in 2015: an Arm’s Length Body operating under the name Historic England, and a charity called The English Heritage Trust (trading as English Heritage).

Government is seeking the views of people who work, or have an interest, in the heritage sector across the United Kingdom, including those who receive advice from Historic England and those who have applied for grant funding from Historic England. The civic movement is an absolutely key stakeholder in this consultation and we need all civic societies to respond.   Please note, on Government reviews such as this, numbers count. The more civic societies that can respond will inform the overall results of the survey, but will help show the impact of the civic movement.

There are two ways to respond to the consultation. You can either submit a Survey Monkey form and answer the questions or you can email albteam@culture.gov.uk  direct with the title Review of Historic England: Civic Society Response.

We have drafted a template response for civic societies (available here).

Our key messages to Government will be: 

  • There is a need for a national watchdog to advise the Government on the historic environment. Listed buildings, conservation areas and the wider historic environment would be under greater threat without Historic England.
  • Since we have lost 37% of conservation officers since 2007, the recommendations to engage more with communities and build local capacity is a sensible move and one we support
  • Historic England cannot do everything so the approach towards a ‘placemaking’ focus, with a greater focus on ‘conservation areas’ and ‘heritage high streets’ is greatly supported by the civic movement as it chimes well with our Big Conservation Conversation campaign

The closing date is 12 noon Thursday 9th May 2019. 

Please copy Civic Voice in to your response, or email us to let us know you have responded, at info@civicvoice.org.uk so that we can monitor the level of responses from the civic movement.

Will Civic Voice respond to help make the case for the importance of nation’s historic environment?

DCMS Historic England Review : Consultation deadline 9th May 2019

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