Help us to show examples of how we can build better!

Can we build beGoldsmith Norfolktter? Of course we can. Whether it is the schemes that are nominated for our Civic Voice Design Awards or local groups celebrating the best new housing in their area, the civic movement is supportive of new housing.

We want to tackle the perception that civic movement is a NIMBY movement. We want to highlight different examples as to how civic societies are celebrating and recognising high quality housing. It doesn’t have to be a national Civic Voice Design Award winner, but it must be something that the local civic society/community has highlighted through a local award.

We we will be highlighting lots of great case studies online at: as we build up a resource bank that we can all utilise.


Our plan is to turn this into a publication and exhibition to launch at the Civic Voice conference in May 2020 but we need your help to do this. Please submit your examples and information to

Furthermore, do you have a local design award? Are you celebrating the best new developments in your local area? Tell us and we will feature them in the next few months in a publication we are working on! Share the details at

Help us to show examples of how we can build better!

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