What will you do for National Civic Day? Whitby Civic Society share some thoughts.

Civic Day is a national celebration of civic pride and is taking place on June 16 2018. We believe that the future of conservation areas can be positive. We believe we can put communities in control of conservation areas. We believe we can see more communities such as The Deal Society playing a central role in long term management of their local area. But we need your help. Research by Historic England, shows that only a small majority of those surveyed who live in a Conservation Area (56%) were aware that they actually live in one. This suggests a need to raise awareness. We need you to get involved and organise activities in conservation areas. We want you to celebrate and champion conservation areas.

In this regular feature, we will include ideas that are coming in from civic societies across England each week so you can see how other groups are celebrating where they live.

Whitby Civic Society wish to commemorate Civic Day by exhibiting the work carried out to log, survey and register all the War Memorials in Whitby Parish, particularly as 2018 is 100 years since the end of the First World War. The exhibition will use storyboards to tell the story of all war memorials, the need to conserve them, as well as involving local groups in bringing some of the stories to life via playlets and song. They will also be launching a self-guided walk leaflet of all Whitby’s war memorials.

This event will also be used to promote Whitby Conservation areas and the Whitby Civic Society’s new guide for Businesses to develop new or refurbished “Shop fronts”, including the award by the Town Mayor of Certificates of Excellence to deserving businesses in the Town for 2018. A lot going on in Whitby for National Civic Day.

If you want to share what you are doing for National Civic Day 2018 on June 16, let us know here.

What will you do for National Civic Day? Whitby Civic Society share some thoughts.

War Memorials Trust Grants Scheme – next deadline for applications

War Memorials Trust urge custodians and those responsible for war memorials to apply for funding as soon as possible where conservation and repair is needed as there is now limited funding available which is supported by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s First World War Memorials Programme.

This funding will only be available until the end of the First World War Centenary later this year.

Please be aware that all cases will be assessed on a priority basis. Those wishing to submit a Grants Pre-application should engage with the Trust as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. For those who have already received Pre-application advice please note that the next deadline for grant applications is 31 st March 2018.

War Memorials Trust Grants Scheme – next deadline for applications

Ian Harvey to speak at event in London discussing the future of conservation areas

Civic Voice AGM 20.10.17 175

Civic Voice’s Ian Harvey will be joining a panel in London next week to discuss the future of Peckham’s conservation areas and we want your thoughts on some of the questions being posed to the panel!

Speakers for the evening include:

  • Simon Bevan, Director of Housing, Southwark Council
  • Ian Harvey, Executive Director of Civic Voice
  • Claire Hegarty, Chair of Peckham Heritage Regeneration Partnership.

This public meeting will be opportunity to explore a range of questions including:

  • What are Conservation Areas? How do they protect our historic built environments?
  • What pressures are Conservation Areas facing? Can they fail?
  • What does positive and negative change look and feel like?
  • How is quality of design evaluated? What is exceptional design?
  • What is an example of a well managed Conservation Area, and what is an example of a badly managed Conservation Area?
  • Is there any point in objecting to planning applications; in particular how could the Conservation Area Management Plan be more meaningful, or is it entirely irrelevant?

Please do share any thoughts you have on the questions above as we will be sure to highlight many examples of successful conservation areas across the country to info@civicvoice.org.uk.

Ian Harvey to speak at event in London discussing the future of conservation areas

What Price Air Quality? Seminar/Briefing organised by Leeds Civic Trust

Air Quality

You may be aware that Leeds City Council is in the middle of a consultation on improving Air Quality in Leeds, including the possible introduction of an “Air Quality Zone” and the introduction of charging for certain categories of vehicle. Leeds Civic Trust will be holding a seminar on 7th February at Leeds Town Hall, between 6pm-8pm, to discuss what is being proposed and why. The evening will take the form of a series of presentations followed by discussion and Q & A, chaired by journalist and broadcaster Peg Alexander. The speakers will include:

  • Cllr Lucinda Yeadon, Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Board Member for Environment and Sustainability, Leeds City Council
  • Neil Evans, Director of Resources and Housing, Leeds City Council
  • Polly Cook, Executive Programme Manager, Leeds City Council
  • Dr James Tate, Associate Lecturer, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
  • Dr Ian Clifton, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

The event is open to anyone and is free of charge, but we ask that you register via this eventbrite link so that they can manage numbers:


What Price Air Quality? Seminar/Briefing organised by Leeds Civic Trust

Sharing the stories of the First World War Memorials Programme

We are delighted to invite community groups, local authorities and others with an interest in the First World War, to a series of free events across England to hear from volunteers and others about how communities have been commemorating the First World War. You will also have the chance to hear speakers from Civic Voice, Historic England, Imperial War Museums and War Memorials Trust. We hope you will be inspired to go back to your own community to identify and record the condition of your own memorials as the nation remembers the fallen 100 years on.

The centenary is a chance to understand more about the First World War, uncover its stories and explore what it means to us today and a series of events will be organised so we can “hear the stories” and review the past few years to see “how communities have remembered the fallen”.

We invite you to attend a free event near to you in:

If you have yet to engage in the commemoration, please do attend these events as it will be your chance to see how others, in the final year of the centenary are remembering the former members of their community.

After the event, you too can make a difference by making sure your local war memorial is protected for future generations by getting it listed and added to War Memorials Online.

If you would like more information on any of the above, please do get in touch with Civic Voice here.

War Memorials Condition Survey Toolkit
If you can’t attend a workshop, Civic Voice has created a toolkit to allow you to learn how to survey the condition of your war memorials. The toolkit takes you through each step and also provides you with all the resources you need to complete a condition survey. See the toolkit here.

Sharing the stories of the First World War Memorials Programme

Engaging young people in heritage training events

Harbury School

It has never been easier for civic groups to work with schools and colleges and the reasons for doing so have never been more compelling. Key Stage 3 and 4 both now have a dedicated Citizenship programme of study. Many different civic groups across England are already regularly working with schools and colleges and are deepening their relationships. Others are planning to get involved for the first time.

However, many civic groups say that they are unsure about how to go about developing a relationship with a local school, so, Civic Voice in partnership with War Memorials Trust has put together the following training events that we hope will help you.

We want to use the events to show how the First World War centenary is engaging new audiences and consider how we ensure young people stay involved in the historic environment sector once the commemorations are finished.

Engaging Young People in Heritage events coming to a neighbourhood near you:

Led by the Learning Officer at War Memorials Trust, the workshop will help you discover:

  • The best ways to approach a school/youth group
  • Ways of linking activities to the curriculum
  • Different types of learning activities that can be carried out with school or youth groups
  • Resources available online
  • Community stories and top tips from volunteers who have worked with schools

Although the workshop will use examples of activities relating to war memorials, the content of the workshop will be applicable to those wishing to engage with schools and youth groups with other types of heritage too.

Engaging young people in heritage training events

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Civic Movement

Civic Voice would like to wish all of our supporters a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to working with you all in the New Year and thank you for the great work you do locally to promote civic pride!

2018 will be the biggest year the civic movement has ever had and we want you to be a part of it… Support us and become part of the movement speaking up for conservation areas! Click here for more information.

Finally the Civic Voice team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best wishes for the new year!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Civic Movement